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Just a few of Dean's worst moments. This just makes you realize even more of how much Dean has sacrificed for Sam. Dean has practically driven himself insane with trying to protect his brother. And Sam just does not even realize it.

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Supernatural Merchandise So sad that my world will fall to pieces when there is no more supernatural (just like the marathon of firefly that had me in tears when it ended...)

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TWIZZLERS Twists (Strawberry, 24-Ounce Pouches, Pack of 6)

GAH BOBBY. I cried so hard. This memory is so simple it's just two idjits fighting and watching a movie. Its so awesome because it proves that there are moments when Sam and Dean are normal people and aren't talking about killing things they're talking about licorice #supernatural

See it starts out all cute and funny like oh haha Dean is miss American pie teehee and then it's like oh yeah I forgot about all these feels - it's a good thing season 9 has ripped out so much of my heart that I've got room for more. Thanks Sam! T.T

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