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World of Warcraft - Gold Farming Made Easy

Supernatural | 20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving ...maybe this is the motivation I need?

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Supernatural Workout - This may help greatly (if I actually bring myself to do it... Lol!)

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The Supernatural Exercise Game. I could do this. Just for my love of Supernatural. And Dean's hotness spurring me on.

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Supernatural workout game. You should also do something whenever Bobby says "Balls!", Dean refers to Castiel as a child, Sam asks Dean if they're ever going to talk about [insert problem here], Dean makes a pop culture reference that no one chooses to acknowledge, Sam is referred to as Moose, Crowley responds to a question or statement with innuendo, or unsuspecting person does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Sam/Dean tells them to do and is almost killed.

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