Aussie Aussie Aussie support local business and Australian made brands! Tomorrow only at maya all #skinjuice and #organicspa products save 25%!! Get in quick one day only!! #sale #australiaday #aussiedaysale #australianmade #aussiebrands #maya #southcoastbeauty #skincare #naturalandorganic #loveyourskin #loveyourself Perfect weather for a facial book in today or tomorrow spaces available.

Shopmylocal is an online service linking shoppers with local independent retailers. We help shoppers to shop locally and support local business and, we help local business connect with shoppers and maintain a competitive edge.

"When you buy from a small local business you are not paying for a third vacation home for some CEO, you are paying for dance lessons, you are buying a little-league uniform, you are putting food on a family's table and sending a student to college. You are making the Canadian Dream come true for somebody in your community, somebody you probably know" Thank you for supporting local businesses! #stickerbeaver #stickersedmonton #lovestickers #stickersrule #yeg #buylocal #edmonton #supportlocal

I am a firm believer to buy where you browse, don't showroom shop, and support your local retailers!

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Be Proud. Buy Local. I know the low prices at big corporate stores are appealing in tough times, but please think about the positives of buying local. Think of your job. Think of the future. I don't have all the answers, but I believe this will help.

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