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Supreme Court of the United States - ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2013: The Supreme Court of the United States in full conference will review evidence of forged I.D.'s used by the president.

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U.S. top court declines to block Texas voter identification law Federal district court judges found that in 2011, lawmakers in

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Orlando Sentinel, Nov. 8, 2000 - Bush vs. Gore newspaper headline - In light of the reporting error from CNN's website on the recent Supreme Court ruling we look back on when newspapers get it wrong.

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Q&A: Julian Assange and the law

The founder of the Wikileaks website, Julian Assange, faces rape and sexual assault allegations in Sweden. In June 2012, having lost his appeal to the UK's Supreme Court against extradition to Sweden, he took refuge in the embassy of Ecuador, in London, which granted him asylum.

Take the Impossible “Literacy” Test Louisiana Gave Black Voters in the 1960s

Take the “Literacy” Test Louisiana Gave Black Voters in the 1960s. You have 10 minutes. One wrong answer and you are out!

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Dr. Sebi is a Honduran holistic healthcare biochemist and the only person given the right by NY Supreme Court Justice to claim the ability to cure all disease (i.e. HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Herpes, etc.) - Kathy From Honduras - - Kathy From Honduras -

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