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Surgi-Wax Brazilian Microwave Hair Remover Kit

A special formulation designed specifically for hair removal from the bikini area. Surgi-Wax Brazilian removes hair from the root, leaving your skin free of re-growth for weeks!

from Sally Beauty Supply

Surgi Wax Body & Leg Microwave Hair Remover

Smooth Skin: Surgi Wax Hair Remover Pro: The fact is, women have body/facial hair, but it doesn't have to be common knowledge that we do. Hair removal means smooth skin, which means better makeup application, which means a prettier face. Surgi makes the best at home waxing kit on the market and they have products for every part of the body. For $22 on Amazon, you can get a pack of 3 that will last more than a year, very cheap considering salons charge more that this per visit. Con…

Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Cream Brow Shapers by Surgi-Care. $5.47. Brow Shapers are pre-cut to fit almost any brow shape. Brow Shapers are so simple to use, they're virtually goof-proof. Beautifully Shaped Brows Made Easy / Contains: 28 Applications. Brow Shapers handle heavier brows, but also fine hairs that cannot be removed by tweezers to give a more defined brow line. Brow Shapers are designed to save unnecessary hours of tweezing. Fabulous Eyebrows Lovely eyes with perfe...

Surgi-wax Hair Remover For Face, 1 Ounce (Pack of 3) Surgiwax


Surgi wax brow shapers , for eyebrows, 28 applications

 SURGI WAX BROW SHAPERS , FOR EYEBROWS, 28 APPLICATIONS Press on & remove for beautiful brows Achieve a perfectly shaped brow without the guesswork of tweez