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This Paracord Grenade Is Loaded With Survival Tools

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SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax - Slim enough to carry in your wallet, the Credit Card Ax is a serious survival tool. It’s made of 12-gauge stainless with a transformer design that you can turn into an actual axe with a makeshift handle & a few zip ties.

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Compact Wilderness Survival Tool

Easily carry everything you need to survive the great outdoors in your pocket with this compact wilderness survival tool. Forged from metal, this credit card sized tool contains six useful tools ranging from fish hooks to snare locks and sewing needles.

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Clippa- Mini tools clip :: A multi functional hair clip that doubles as a toolbox on the go! Made of Stainless steel.

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Off-Grid Gear - Multifuntional Survival Paracord Bracelet with Updated Waterproof Compass * Learn more by visiting the image link.

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