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The Sushi Bazooka

The Sushi Bazooka / Erase the painstaking hours of making the perfect homemade sushi with this stunning culinary masterpiece called the Sushi Bazooka.


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Sushi Rolling Machine

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Sushi is one of the most sought-after dishes in different parts of the world. Owing to its ever increasing popularity and high demand, many restaurants prefer using machines for making sushi. Sushi machine maker allows you to prepare any of your favorite dishes with utmost ease. Ever increasing demand for sushi indicates that more and more people prefer including it in their diet. Although it is easy to find sushi at the local campus cafeteria and local supermarkets, preparing it at home…

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DIY Sushi Roller Machine

This is the perfect product if you want to make sushi at home. The sushi roller…


Máquina autônoma é capaz de fazer 3.600 sushis por hora

New Sushi Machine Threatens to Disrupt the Industry


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