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Set for meal is entirely made of bio-plastic and it does not contain any dangerous substance you could find in many traditional plastics (BPA, phthalates or other) that, when released into food, could be swallowed by children. It is made of renewable resources and it’s 100% biodegradable. You could use it as many times…

The development of sustainable materials is one of the priority of Matrec, involved in researching of innovative solutions to add value to production waste and recycled materials such as rubber, cork, leather, wool, cotton, leather, wood and other materials from different industrial sectors. Starting from the characteristics of the material or semi-finished product, Matrec research…

The same technology and patented mixture are used to recycle Carrara marble scraps, which are cold pressed into moulds, forming whitem bricks that can also be coloured and maintain the same appearance even internally. Carrara marble is known all over the world for its whiteness, invaluable purity and unique visual impact and has been made…

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Sustainable Architecture Showcased By 10 Houses That Also Have Green Spaces

Ha house 2 sustainable architecture by Vo Trong Nghia

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27 Wedding Trends We Have to Look Forward to In 2016

Sustainable Catering Using organic and locally sourced food will continue to be important. More and more couples are making it a priority with their catering. —Lindsay & Heather, LVL Weddings & Events

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Sustainable Brands Turn Their Backs on Fast Fashion Trend

How Sustainable Brands Are Turning Their Backs on Fast Fashion Trend - ABC News The Clothing Industry's Environmental Imact

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20 Creative Sustainable Packaging Design Examples