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Anglian influences: Rædwald of the Wuffingas who aided Edwin of Northumbria. Reconstruction of Sutton Hoo helmet.


Sutton Hoo Sword pyramids. They’re a set of small (18x12mm) pyramid fittings associated with the Sutton Hoo sword. Garnet cloisonne in gold, about 600AD. Brian Meek shows how he digitalize the pyramids. “One advantage of doing a very accurate CAD model is that sometimes, even a digital reproduction can give insight into how the real ones were made. The Sutton Hoo pyramids are a miracle of cryptic stone setting, and they’re still holding fast to their secrets after 1400 years in the dirt.”


Excavations began in May, 1939 at the Sutton Hoo site in Suffolk, UK. By September, some amazing treasures from the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia are unearthed.


199 steps to Whitby Parish Church, by Martin Sutton.   The town of Whitby, with its medieval, Eastern European sort of old world charm, is on the eastern coast of North Yorkshire beside the North Sea. (Martin Sutton)