permanent black: Never Say Die: The Swadeshi Movement Strikes Again

Indian National Movements (1905 – 1916) – Swadeshi Movement, Rise of Extremism & Minto- Morley

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Marking significance on this day of Aug. 7th, was the formal launch of Swadeshi Movement in Calcutta. The Government of India observes August 7 as National Handloom Day every year, in memory of this. On this occasion, we express our deepest gratitude to all our patrons who have celebrated handloom and extend their support to our weaver community and us through the years. Thank you! #AngadiGalleria #Angadi #Iwearhandloom #Nationalhandloomday

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Contrary to popular impression; it is not Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origins alone that have turned this election into a swadeshi vs. videshi contest. Under the aegis of the BJP, a more earthy, homespun style of politics is struggling to surface. Unlike the Congress system, which was a replica of the British Raj, the fledgling order has roots in our ancient past.

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