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Swedish FIKA is a Swedish word that translats as "taking a break for Coffee and a bite to eat". But it means much more than that... it´s a moment to RELAX to catch up with your family and LAUGH vith your Friends.


Axel Erlandson was a Swedish American bean farmer in the Central Valley of California. In 1925, Axel began shaping trees as a hobby, using pruning, grafting, and bending techniques that he learned along the way. Many years later in 1947, Axel opened a roadside attraction called, "The Tree Circus." When people asked him how he got the trees to grow like that, he would respond, "I talk to them."


Travel Booklet published in 1959 by the Swedish Tourist Traffic Association in collaboration with Scandinavian Airlines System - Swedish American Line & Swedish State Railways. via what makes the pie shops tick?