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5 Drills to Improve Your Swimming

Your swim technique doesn't have to be your weak link in triathlon. Use these five drills to practice like the pros.

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Swimming - Turns - Freestyle Flip Turn Step #1: If you've always wanted to learn how to do a flip turn (and what swimmer doesn't?), here's a fun drill that is step #1 in the learning process.

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3 Drills to Fix Your Swimming Stroke and Eliminate Drag

Want to learn how to swim faster? Discover the three most common freestyle mistakes and the swimming drills that will help you fix them.

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WATCH: Missy Franklin's Incredible Practice Routine

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Workout Wednesday - Pool and Pyramids

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5 Essential Swimming Drills to Master Now

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Teaches a sequence of progressive swimming drills and exercises that allow you to learn swimming breaststroke step by step, without struggle.

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