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How Much Does A Pool Cost? [Infographic]

If you're looking to know more about the cost of an above ground or inground pool, this post will dive into some of the details and advantages to each.


How To Build A Natural Swimming Pool | if you choose to build a natural swimming pool in your garden, the financial cost is a fraction of what a traditional one would cost, the upkeep is minimal and can be powered by solar energy

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Natural Swimming Pools: 9 Myths Busted: Myth #1: They’re Expensive

NATURAL SWIMMING POOLS While it’s true that standing, unmoving water can get brackish, it’s easy to continually move water over and around your plants’ roots so they can do their job of natural cleansing. A simple water pump will do the job at much less cost than a standard pool filtration unit. Adding a bubbler to your pool introduces oxygen that plants love.


Yes, that's right, fiberglass pools are better than concrete pools, at least in most applications. Are there exceptions? Sure, no doubt, fiberglass pools ...

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9 Ways to Get the Backyard of Your Dreams on a Budget

You may have plenty of ideas for the backyard of your dreams, but those infinity pools and sunken fire pits and outdoor kitchens — well, they cost money. We've got some ideas for budget ways to get the features you crave, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without spending a ton of cash.