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from Bon Appétit

The Swing State Cocktail

This is one of the strongest, yet tastiest, cocktails we’ve ever created using ingredients inspired by swing states—just in time to help get you through the election.


SHOCK: Non-Citizens Registered to Vote In This Critical Swing State | The Federalist Papers

#PAPER #SHOCK: She loses ground among some voters in swing #state...

from The New York Times

Swing State Tracker - Election 2012 -

Polls, recent campaigning and visits to the swing states


Over 500 Noncitizens on Voting Rolls in Swing State of Virginia

Pro-Trump Group to Release Ads as Part of Major Swing State Effort -


Auf die Swing States kommt es an: Wo die US-Wahl entschieden wird

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming US Election, Sendible have decided to put our social media monitoring tool to the test. We’ve up monitoring terms for the two Presidential candidate Starting from the first Presidential debate (October 3, 2012).

Trump stops in swing state Pennsylvania -


BREAKING: Hillary ABANDONS Key Swing State…Uses Media To INSULT Them As She Leaves! – Patriot Journal