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Just like his Bernese Mountain Dog cousin, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a gentle giant that makes a great family companion. Weighing in around 100-155lbs., this breed gets his size from his original purpose as an all-duty farm dog.

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Swiss Mountain Dog. I have always wanted one of these. Have only meet two of them in my life so far.

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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is thought to have originated when the Romans crossed the Mastiff breed with the Swiss dogs of the region. This breed was used primarily for herding and guarding since the Middle Ages. Learn all about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and see if one could be a fit for you.

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They are just so cute! When we get a dog, it's between this breed and the Bernese!!

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog / Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund / Grand Bouvier Suisse / Appenzeller Sennenhund / Entlebucher Sennenhund

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