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The date of the Swiss National Day is inspired by the Federal Charter (Bundesbrief) of 1291 which is considered one of Switzerland's most important founding documents. It opens with the words: "In the year of the lord 1291, at the beginning of the month of August" - and so August 1st was declared Swiss National Day. #Switzerland #swissnationalday


ZURICH - AUGUST 1: Swiss National Day parade on August 1, 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland. Representative of canton Uri marching in traditional costumes. - stock photo

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20 awesome examples of street art

L'uso dei raggi per dare risalto a un testo - un'immagine - è un espediente che da sempre buoni risultati. Focalizzano l'attenzione e lo fanno risplendere, dandogli un'aura di luce. GDEA Typographic Design :: Pully - Designed by Nicolas Zentner