This is Kirito from Sword Art Online! He's my second love and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna marry him :)

This is the character Kirito, aka "The Black Swordsman", from 'Sword Art Online.' He has an interesting look for a male character; as his suit of all black, plus his black hair, gives him that aura of mystery/warrior look.

Sword Art Online: Kirito

Kirigaya Kazuto

Sword Art Online (Kirito Dual Wield) (Crimson) by on DeviantArt

very light built character with a lot of simplicity but seems very nimble and his drab colours make for a nice colour scheme with the black/ grey main colours as well as the subtle streaks of dark blue

Sword Art Online, Kirito, official art

Kirito ~ Hollow Realization - By Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna ღ

Sword Art Online Fanart by xPsyren Absolutely gorgeous.

Decided to started watching Sword Art Online today. I was blown away from the first episode! I can't wait to finish these episodes to see how this story unfolds. If you want to watch a new anime on netflix be sure to watch it!

are there any SAO fans ?? ♥

are there any SAO fans ? ♥<<<<< Yes, yes there are ( including me )

Sword Art Online - Kirito in GGO

Sword Art Online /GGO - Kirito He is soooo cooooooool😍😍