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7 Warning Signs of Heart Attack In Women


Heart Attack symptoms can vary from Men to Women. They may be sudden & intense or subtle & mild. Call 911 or go to your nearest ER if you experience any of these symptoms!!


Did you know; women are more at risk of a silent #HeartAttack than men? This is typically because women tend to experience less obvious symptoms of a heart attack. Often #HeartDisease in women may not be diagnosed until women experience the typical symptoms of a #HeartFailure, attack, arrhythmia or stroke. #HeartHealth #HeartDisease

How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

Did you know that the main cause of death in the US are heart attacks? These are the symptoms that you might experience a month before a heart attack.


Signs of a Heart Attack

It's important to remember that the signs of a heart attack may differ in women, and many of the symptoms aren't that "unusual". It's always best to play it safe and call for medical attention when your gut tells you that something is "not right". #womenshealth #heartattack