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2011 World Synchronized Skating Champions - Finland looks so cool when they skate with gloves. Russia is doing that this year.

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My heart beats to 5 6 7 8 Synchronized skating forever!

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I know I don't love it the way I used to... I know that I won't be skating too much anymore... But it will always be a part of me

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Nexxice Synchronized Figure Skating

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Synchronized skating, team, quotes, figure skating, Team USA 2, Miami University, World Championships 2013, Boston, MA. Practice ice. Photo-Danielle Lounsbury

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These Figure Skaters Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day | Yup! NOT Only This Team, And Other Teams, Too!

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Miami University’s Synchronized Skating Team

University of Miami Synchronized Skating - A collection of Synchronized Skating Dresses to inspire your creativity when designing your new dresses with Sk8 Gr8 Designs.

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There isn't a synchro skater out there that doesn't know this pic.

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Even though we might dislike eachother for different reasons we are all still sisters in the skating world of 2013.

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Synchronized Skating confessions

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