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Synonyms For Scared

MORE DESCRIPTIVE WORDS Other Ways to Say Writing Poster TCR Chart NEW

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Lesson In the Degree of Emotion

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Synonym Posters WOW Words for First Grade to Fifth Grade

Other ways to say ... Said, Went, Scared, Big, Small, Sad, Happy, Saw, Next, Great, Good, Bad, Positive Character Words, Negative Character Words, Time Transition Words for Narratives and Transition Words for Information and Argument Texts. (16 page digital download)

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Always a good thing to have to make essays/stories or even journaling on a scrapbook layout a little more exciting ;)

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Degrees of words word wall project. Go through RA books and look for words that mean scared. Put sticky on page where word is. Ss write down the sentence it is in, or paraphrase by using the word. Draw a pic. Go through words as class, decide which words r stronger than scared(and go higher up on the thermometer), + which words are less than scared (worried, concerned, etc.). We discuss how synonyms don't mean the same thing, but that word choice is important to accurately describe the…

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FUCK YOU GUYS<<idk whether that's gonna happen but at least somebody's gonna get fucked. (Somebody is a synonym for the person above)

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