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What Is Causing Your Knee Pain?

The Illustrated Guide to What's Causing Your Knee Pain: Step 1 of 5 - Normal Joint (Knee)


SYNOVIAL JOINT ➡ aka diarthrosis is most common & most movable type of joint. As with most joints, synovial joints achieve movement @ point of contact of articulating bones. The main structural differences between synovial and fibrous joints are the existence of capsules surrounding the articulating surfaces of a synovial joint and the presence of lubricating synovial fluid within those capsules (synovial cavities).


Mullein leaves have a moistening, lubricating effect on the synovial membranes… so that it is hydrating to the spine and joints. It is often indicated in back injuries or a “kink in the back”. People think they are untreatable and incurable, but an increase the synovial fluids will make the spine more pliable and comfortable. The vertebra will slip back into place more readily, pain and inflammation will decrease and the condition will get better. Use the root as tea or a few drops of…