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These Are The Most Powerful Photographs Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis In 2015

With the Syrian conflict showing no sign of ending, we look back on the risky journeys men and women fleeing the country have taken this year.


War in Syria This isn’t just “War in Syria”. This is the mass exodus of people from Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus that has been under siege by the Assad government and military since 2013. Yarmouk, where ISIS is now trying to make theirs. That is the victim of barrel bombs launched by a brutal regime. Fuck you and your war porn. Taking a picture of thousands of people fleeing their homes and haphazardly describing it as “war in Syria”


Syria: The story of the conflict

Eight steps to understanding the Syrian conflict. | #>


Syria conflict: Russia-Turkey brokered truce comes into force

Syria conflict: Russia-Turkey brokered truce comes into force A nationwide ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey comes into effect in Syria.

Syria conflict: Russia's Putin orders 'main part' of forces out

In a surprise move, Russian President Vladimir #Putin orders the military to start withdrawing the "main part" of its forces in #Syria from Tuesday.


BBC - BBC Arts - The Modern Face of Syria: Imranovi's art of war - “The new Syria has only once face to show to the world.”


Syria conflict UN endorses Syria ceasefire deal - BBC News

Syria conflict: Russia 'starts to reduce forces'

Syria conflict: Russia 'starts to reduce forces' - BBC News

Daily News: Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was not terrorism, but retribution for Vladimir Putin’s war crimes