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The inspirational words of Olympian Yusra Mardini. Last year she swam to save 20 refugees’ lives. This year she is swimming at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Yusra, from Syria, is one of the refugee athletes competing under the Olympic flag at the Rio games.


(SYRIA) officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia. A country of fertile plains, high mountains and deserts, it is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including Arab Alawites, Arab Sunnis, Arab Christians, Armenians, Assyrians, Druze, Kurds and Turks. Arab Sunnis make up the majority of the population.


HISTORY: In the image above we see the flag that stands for Syria. There are four colors on the flag: green, red, white, and black. The red means freedom that Syria now has. The white represents innocence of the country, and the black stands for Syria's dark past. As far as I know the two stars mean nothing. These colors are used for many Arab countries flag's.