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This just gives a small insight into ALL of the things teachers are expected to do in front of around 37 students on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that the teacher needs to display enthusiasm for the content, establish a safe and efficient classroom environment, and build genuine relationships with students while also managing their behavior. Before criticizing a teacher, really try to put yourself in his or her shoes. It's an amazing job that I love, but it sure isn't an easy one.


T-TESS Evidence Binder

**Attention Texas Teachers!** If you are looking for a way to keep yourself organized for the T-TESS, Texas' new appraisal system, then this may be the product for you! This document has domain headers for each of the 4 domains and their dimensions with explanation as provided on the T-TESS rubric.


Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) Flipbook

T-TESS is a Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System. This product is Texas specific. Please do not purchase if you are not from Texas.The T-TESS flipbook makes the rubric a quick reference guide. Each page includes the domain, dimensions, and specific descriptors.Also included- The Texas Teacher Standards, Rubric Word Bank, Background of T-TESS, Notes pages, and a little bit of information about goal setting.This is a district/campus license purchase.


Goal-Setting for Teachers: 8 Paths to Self-Improvement


Welcome to The Cornerstone by Angela Watson!