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Table Tennis Olympic Event

Olympic-themed party ideas - For the 2011 U.S. Open, sponsor Moët & Chandon created a small-scale tennis court inside their New York offices.

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These girls are awesome. How can you even compare this to table tennis as an Olympic event? These girls train so hard.

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olympics rio ping pong 2016 | The sports are table tennis (ping-pong to you and…

Jorgen Persson in Olympics Day 14 - Table Tennis

Ok if table tennis can have an Olympic event why not Foosball? Jip!

pin 3 LONDON: China's dominance of table tennis is "just the beginning" and they will soon be strong in every Olympic event, the sport's chief said Wednesday. Adham Sharara, president of the International Table Tennis Federation, was speaking after China sealed their second straight clean sweep of all four table tennis gold medals for the second Games running.

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China's Zhang Jike serves to Belarus' Vladimir Samsonov in their men's singles fourth round table tennis match.

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UK Sport - London 2012 Olympic test event Table Tennis, Liam... #pitchford: UK Sport - London 2012 Olympic test event Table… #pitchford

Olympics 2016 Presentation

This 58 slide presentation is a great way to introduce your class to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. There are 11 slides that compare the 2016 Olympics to the first modern day Olympics of 1896. There are also slides for each of the Olympic events!There are slides for these events:- Aquatics- Archery- Badminton- Basketball- Boxing- Canoe/Kayak- Cycling- Equestrian- Fencing- Football (Soccer)- Gymnastics- Judo- Pentathlon- Rowing- Rugby- Sailing- Shooting- Table Tennis- Taekwondo…

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