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ATS Warbelt and insert KA-BAR TDI 2 x ITW Grimlocks Condor double Kangaroo pouch Condor double pistol pouch (light, pencil, and multi-tool) ATS tear-away med pouch Maxpedition small tactile pouch (batteries, notebook, brush, pistol lanyard) DSG Arms Alpha Kydex holster (Glock 19 GEN IV with TLR-1S)

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How a man cave does "OMG super cute distressed industrial pipe fixture I saw on…

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Students formed groups of three or four and collected their materials. Each group received a disposable plate with three sections. The sections were labeled “prefix,” “suffix,” and “root word.” Finally, groups were given a bag of big words. They used scissors to cut the words into parts and drop each part into its respective section on the plate.

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Human tongue surface, coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM). The tongue is covered in many backward facing projections called filiform papillae, which sense pressure. The papillae have a scaly appearance because they are constantly shedding their top layer of skin.Request/Download high-res file Uncompressed file size: 51.4MB Downloadable file size: 1.7MB

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