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Quran Tafsir Ibn Kathir - Virtues of Surat Al-Baqarah and Surat Al `Imran

You could give your children all the 'things' in the Dunya but if you are not giving them the Deen, then you are not giving them anything at all. #IslamicParenting #islamicOnlineUniversity #BilalPhilips #quran #islam #Allah #love

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A Wonderful Infographic of Brother Nouman Ali Khan's Tafsir on Surah Al Muminoon made by Syamira Asyifa! Which of these Qualities of True believer, outlined in Quran, do you possess?

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Message Conveyed in Last 10 Surahs of Qur'an: Lessons to be Learned from Last Surahs of Qur'an subhanAllah walhumdulillah <3<3<3

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