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Maori - something like this around the wrist (like a bracelet) to represent New Zealand

Artist Manu Farrarons, expert in  Polynesian, Tahitian, & Hawaiian  tattoos and designs  #body_art #tattoo

That's a beautiful little sea turtle tattoo.i love it but my dad would kill me

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Here Are 24 Tribal Tattoos That You Have to See to Believe ...

Tattoos by Manu FARRARONS -Polynesian / Tahitian

Beautiful feminine swirl tattoo with small flower. Going to add to my motherhood tat with a little flower for each lost baby.

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The history behind Polynesian tattoo design, it is no surprise that many people have chosen to add a piece from this culture to their body art. This tribal style has been around for centurie

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Samoan Tattoos for Men

The Polynesian tattoo designs for men and women include a lot of elements from the traditional tribal designs incorporated in the Polynesian tattoos.