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Holiday Marshmallow Popcorn

Holiday Marshmallow Popcorn Recipe - This makes for a great treat or gift for the holidays. Put it in some cute containers and hand them out to your neighbors and friends!


Top Tips for Freezing Food

Take the mystery out of freezing food with this handy guide, which shows how long you can freeze vegetables, tomatoes, cheese, milk, butter, meat, chicken, nuts, and bread using Ziploc® bags and containers. These instructions will help protect your food and make frozen meal prep a lot easier.


Growing Blackberries In Containers – Tips On Caring For Blackberries In Pots

Container Grown Blackberries: How To Grow Blackberries In A Container - If left unchecked, blackberry plants can take over a property. A great way to coral them is by growing blackberries in containers. To find out how to grow blackberries in a container, simply click the article that follows.


Orange Chicken Growing up in a small agricultural community in Northern California we had exactly 3 Chinese restaurants. Because my mom tended to cook almost every night Chinese take-out was a rare treat that we all looked forward to.My mom loved the Mongolian Beef my step-dad the Sweet and Sour Pork my sister was an Almond Chicken gal and as for myself I was a fan of the Singapore Noodles. After leaving home and making some real Chinese and Singaporean friends I came to the the horrifying…


Bio-Plus EARTH Take Out Boxes - like the whole foods ones. Cute way to send guests home with leftovers. Also good idea for cookie/dessert parties, or to send extra food to your neighbors...


Did you know that succulent plants take well to unusual, non-plant containers? They do great in vintage tins and other unique items you can find and reuse. Check out this post from @catheholden about creative ways to display succulents.


The Ultimate 21 Day Fix Dinner Round Up

Here are some of my favorite 21 Day Fix Approved Dinners. I love how this program not only has helped me get nutrition on track, but it has helped me cook better for my whole family! I just make dinner every night and take just a minute to portion out my food. Root Vegetable Nachos….


Best Ornamental Grasses for Containers

Best Ornamental Grasses for Containers Growing ornamental grasses in containers is a great way to feature grasses without letting them branch out and taking over your whole garden. Container grown ...