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Blodeuwedd is known as the Welsh Virgin Goddess of Spring, or “Flowerface,” and there are many who believe that she was just as deadly as she was beautiful. She was known, as well, as "The Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise,” and her totem was the owl, a bird of wisdom and lunar mysteries. Blodeuwedd takes on the role of the Maiden, in the traditional Welsh Triple Goddess trinity, in which Arianrhod is the Mother, and Cerridwen the Crone. She has also been ...


Mongoose vs. King Cobra I have seen a king Cobra in the wild. It is almost unbelievable to me that the small bad assed Mongoose takes these suckers on regularly and enjoys doing it!! I don't ever want to fight with a Mongoose.


Like the original before her, Scarlet takes a trek through the woods after jumping of a train due to a plague outbreak.- Scarlet


A fierce warrior herself, Morrigan is goddess of death in battle, slaughter, and strife. She protects the innocent, and brings justice to those who have done wrong. She can take on several forms, including that of a bat, that of a crow and that of Macha – the embodiment of frenzy. Morrigan is queen beside Arawn, and she oversees the Phantom Hunt.