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I now have several patterns for 'traditional' bears, but this pattern was the one i used for my first ever 'proper' bear (i say that cos i usually make more unconventional fluffies). This pattern is by Sengster and i'd definitely recommended it for first time bear makers (or even those who have been sewing for a while). If you're new to using fake fur (it can be a little trickier to sew with ~ thickness, et.c.) try sewing a backing onto the fur first ~ i use felt, makes it easier, imo :)


Supernatural. [gifset] 4x08 Wishful Thinking #SPN #Dean #Sam // A friggin' suicidal teddy bear?! Any other show, the 'shark' would have been officially 'jumped' at this point...but nooo, this is Supernatural! For us, this is only Season 4! Bwah hahahah!!


Cute circle time activity, have the kids split up into groups of three and come up with 5 words that describe teddy bears, then you could talk about what you do with teddy bears