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dreamwips: “Got round to colouring these. Rapunzel hair concepts for my and Emily’s Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons webcomic. ”

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Rapunzel by NUMYUMY

Anime picture tangled disney rapunzel numyumy long hair single tall image looking at viewer blonde hair simple background green eyes signed hair flower lips eyebrows eyelashes realistic lipstick portrait upper body 485276 en

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disney princess | Tumblr Personally I have always thought Rapunzel must have her hair in a braid A LOT. I mean how else do you explain the constant presence of the slight waves in her hair? Mine only does that after a very long time in a braid. As a plus it is easier to manage as is later shown

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rapunzel cake decorating ideas | ... Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas Kara' #Rapunzel #Disney #

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19 Reasons Rapunzel And Flynn Rider Are The Best Disney Couple

Jokes and sarcasm aside, Flynn/Eugene is actually kind of sensitive, and his small gestures like pushing Rapunzel’s hair back is very sweet. | 19 Reasons Rapunzel And Flynn Rider Are The Best Disney Couple

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Rapunzel's braid!! It really goes with her personality. I would definitely do something a bit similar. Not magica! Nope, not magica! because of truth.

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