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Rapunzel's Frying Pan

Day 16.1: Rapunzel's voice in 'When Will My Life Begin' is amazing!!! I love her singing voice.

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I love how nervous she looks, she is so anxious about meeting her parents. What if they dont love her or like her? Gothel never did. Shes so sincere gah it kills me

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Desenho feito com recortes por Raphael Issamu Arima Oda <3

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We all love Disney! See which Disney Princess suits you better! More

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Rapunzel: What if the lights aren't all I expected? Flynn: They will be Rapunzel: And what if they ARE? What do I do then? Flynn: That's the fun part, then you get to find a new dream... Find A New Dream <3

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Did you know little Rapunzel waves bye to the lantern be for it floats away?

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I think Rapunzel is probably my favourite Disney Princess. I think it's cause she always reminds me of myself. Loves reading, singing and cooking, has a sense of adventure, blonde hair, green eyes... :D

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Rapunzel. I wish that they kept her hair blond when her hair was cut off , brown sort of washes her out!

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The Lights, Tangled: Shining in the night sky, symbolizing a search for the kingdom's long lost princess. The same object which the princess, unknowingly, stared at from the window, and decided to chase the place of its origin. A return ticket to home. A calling from fate.

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Rapunzel is my favorite fairy tale EVER...and the fact that Disney actually did something fun with the story just makes me a little girl all over again. ( will always be an amazing memory of going to the movies with Hannah and having her snuggle into me while crying and whispering to me "'s so pretty, it makes me cry...")

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