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TARDIS (10th) Blue Colour Codes - Approved by BBC: Pantone: 2955C - Hex: #003B6F - RGB: 0,59,111 - CMYK: 100,55,10,48

Thanks, internet! I was trying to get this the other day and I couldn't get it quite right.

Blue velvet cupcakes

Tardis blue cupacke. I need to have a Doctor Who party just to serve these. Too bad most of my friends aren't quite as nerdy as I am....


the doctor and his tardis

Why are there two bottles on one side, and one lonely TARDIS blue bottle on the other side? There’s room for a fourth bottle there. (I laughed after the split second it took me to get that) << me too. LOL.


Dr. WHO Inspired "Time Lord/Souffle' Girl" KitchenAid Stand Mixer Decal Kit for Whovian Bakers. With Gallifreyan & Tardis

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at