The tax deducted at source, or TDS, is applicable on earnings from various financial instruments. Find out about the different sources of income that invite TDS and how you can reduce your tax outgo.

TDS(Tax Deducted at Source ) - A practical Perspective ! (playlist) This playlist help's one master the basic's of TDS(tax deducted at source). Playlist Link - Studying this playlist , the viewer can expect to master not only the fundamentals of tax deducted at source but also advanced complicated cases in TDS . We understand the science , expound upon the subject with a wide variety of examples on the subject matter…

TDS : 1) TDS = Tax Deducted At Source. 2) It Is Advance Tax, By Deductor From Deductee. 3) TDS Payment = 7 Days = Monthly Basis. 4) TDS Return = 1 Month = Quarterly Basis. 5) TDS Certificate = Deductor Will Give To Deductee. 6) TAN = TDS Account Number. PAN = Permanent Account Number. 7) Rates - Sec 194 J = Professional Services = 10%. 🍀🌹🍀🌹🍀 C.A. FARID. BATADA.

Govt looks to ease TDS problems The government is looking to ease the problems related to tax deducted at source (TDS), which are faced by thousands of taxpayers for no fault of theirs. A lot of taxpayers have complained that often tax is deducted by their vendors or employers but not transferred to the government, resulting in a lot of harassment as refunds can’t be processed For More......:

TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source is the deduction made by the employer at the source i.e. from your salary. Most of the times employers deduct this amount from every month’s salary in account of the TDS that will be paid at year end, the amount is based on the tax projection disclosed byRead More

"TDS applicability and rates (Tax deducted at source (Part-2))"

Tax deducted at source

Employers are required to deduct tax from an employee’s taxable income. This is tax deducted as source (TDS). In order to make the correct Tax Deducted at Source calculations, an employer requires accounting for all the deductions and exemptions available to an employee. As a part of your Company compliance or audit policy you are require to adhere to those policies under the ambit of Income Tax Law. - See more at:

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1% TDS (tax deducted at source) on buying immovable property exceeding more than 50 Lakh.

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