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Full List of Property Tax Exemptions By State

Property Tax Exemptions by State: Many Veterans, disabled and able alike, may not be aware of the benefits available to them.

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Libertarian is Spiritual

Mega churches use tax-free wealth to accomplish two things: gain/maintain political influence and generate Wall Street wealth. Their goal is simple: get people to tithe so that they can grow more powerful and exert influence over the government. How do th

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I cannot understand why these businesses (and that is all they are) do not have to pay taxes. Can anyone explain this to me? (In a legal way, not some "God's plan" non-sense.)

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How to Start a 501c3 Nonprofit - Nonprofit Advice

Learn actionable steps on how to set up your nonprofit. From properly organizing and attaining a 501(c)(3) tax exemption to other very important steps.

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SHAMEFUL!! The Republican party continues to vilify the working poor, seniors, veterans+children!! Look at the wealthy GOP as they funnel taxpayers money to the rich!! CUT SUBSIDIES, CUT TAX EXEMPT STATUS TO THE NFL+ CHURCHES, CUT TAX LOOPHOLES, CUT TAX HAVENS....ENOUGH!!

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23 Shocking Comparisons That Change How You Think of Money

Especially makes sense because there is no separation of church and state when churches donate to politicians and political causes

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