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The Best Taylor Swift Memes of All Time

Love Taylor Swift can't wait to see what her Calvin break album will be like! Lol

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Exactly!!!! All the people saying Taylor get's a boyfriend like every five seconds just need to be quiet!! And when us Swifties say Taylor's our role model they then say 'So you want to grow up and date a bunch of guys?' No, we want to grow up and be a beautiful and elegant person just like Taylor. So just shut up haters

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PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME HATE!!!! It's so true! Why dose everyone give her hate? That's mean! What if you were a celebrity and everyone kept on giving you hate because they didn't like what you did! Think before you send hate. - @Whenwillyou Branson

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16 Ways To Text Your Ex Using Taylor Swift Lyrics

When they realize the mistake they’ve made: | 16 Ways To Text Your Ex Using Taylor Swift Lyrics

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Taylor Swift has helped me through more than she will ever know...which is sad because she'll never know me like I know her

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