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Which Of Taylor Swift's Cats Are You?

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15 Things Not to Say to a Taylor Swift Fan

"she was super tired from all the other naps she had taken that day"

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Meridith Taylor's swifts cat stop the hate on Tay Tay if you hate on Tay Tay you hate on swifties and for your health don't hate on swifties she writes songs of how she feels atleast she has feelings all you Taylor haters have no soul or heart you just cold blood and a puny brain #teamtaytay ✌

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For those of you who don't reaaaaally like to dress up | Taylor Swift #HalloweenInspiration #CelebrityCostumes

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Olivia Benson Met The Fur Version Of Olivia Benson

In case you don’t know, Taylor Swift is all about the cats. | Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia Benson Finally Got To Meet The Real Olivia Benson

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Which Of Taylor Swift's Cats Are You?

I got Meredith! Which Of Taylor Swift's Cats Are You? (I don't know what these results mean. Flannery? Jessica? Does this align with my Myer's Briggs and astrological sign? I'm going to start introducing myself at parties as "Aligning with Taylor Swift's cat Meredith")

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