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Slap Bracelet Frenzy Fad {used to stack all 12-15 of mine on my wrist} // 90's Childhood Memory (1990-91)


The Natural History Museum shot on my Cosmic Symbol a few years ago. I love the Minerals gallery; cabinets full of inspirational colour and form. #tbt #naturalhistorymuseum #london #inspiration #exploretocreate #35mm #filmisnotdead #cosmicsymbol

#TBT to a power-packed meatball with lean protein and complex carbs! Cook them in a skillet or on the grill. Your choice! Sharing today because someone at the gym told me they tried it but messed it up because they mixed the marinara in with the raw meat, then tried to form meatballs. Lol #KitchenFails We all have those! Here it is again for others that made the same mistake. Go to for the full recipe! Comment below if you've made this recipe. Boom. (traduccion abajo)…

from You've Got To Taste This

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna Noodle Casserole "The arrival of fall brings more than just changing leaves. It brings school forms, football, team registrations, and the merging of 5 family calendars into one. Who's ready for some meal planning? ..." #throwbackthursdays #tbt


shape. shape. shape. Google Image Result for


#TBT I was born naturally thin with zero to no muscle definition. I wasn't good at all the sports I've tried including soccer, basketball, tennis (while my cousin is amazing at it) , let's see what else OH dance, track () You name it I tried it lol don't forget about soft ball too I used to go to the gym for 15 minutes and already wanting to go to a buffet after Was never an athlete growing up, kinda sucked because I couldn't find anything I actually enjoyed playing as a h...


A #TBT from Aroos Joon's Site Director, @Roshsdisch. Here are her top 3 picks and sneak peek from the @stephenyearick & @ysamakino bridal collection showroom during #NYBFW! Obsessing over the most #whimsical, show-stopping gowns from the collection. #Trend alert: feather, floral embroidery, and lace, these designs and silhouettes are awe-inspiring! From left, this plunging neckline bodice, embellished in crystals and textured embroidery is attached to the most airy and flowy feathered…