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Tbw Meaning

from Pacific Wellness Toronto News

May we vibrate with grace and divine peace despite the chaos spread by the external world. May we embrace the truth that giving and receiving is one and giving means having. May we indulge in thoughts of abundance and prosperity for all. May we create a bridge of peace between our internal and external worlds. We choose peace and harmony over fear and lack. And so be it.


The Bee is found world-wide in mythology, some of the oldest bee goddesses date back 10,000 years. In Ancient Near East & Aegean cultures Bees were the sacred insect bridging the natural world and the underworld. The Mayans worshipped the Bee God and Egyptian temples depicted bees prominently * One of the 48 cards in the - this is a brief description and not the complete oracle meaning.


Happy Thanksgiving! We would like to send a few special thanks: To our furriends who have recently crossed over the rainbow bridge. Thank you for sharing your beautiful lives with us. Though the time was too short your furriendship will be with us for a lifetime. Until we meet again dear furriends. To our furriends who have been with us from the very beginning. Thank you for your continued furriendship. It means the world to us. To our furriends who have reached out to us and made our…


The axe forgets what the tree remembers. African proverb (Those who were hurt remember - too often the world forgets.)