Easy Lemon Tartlets from Tea Time Magazine

Today& recipe for Lemon Tartlets comes from Tea Time Magazine ! I love their gorgeous magazine full of beautiful recipes and Tea Tim.

Smoked Turkey And Cranberry Cream Sandwiches recipe (1) From: Tea Time Magazine, please visit

Smoked-Turkey-And-Cranberry-Cream-Sandwich.Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Cream Sandwich Yield: 24 sandwiches

Brandy Snaps with Lady Grey Cream. Add a little crunch to your dessert tray with these beautiful brandy snaps. Filled with Lady Grey Cream and garnished with fresh violets for an air of elegance.

For who has forsaken all other teas in exchange for her now beloved Lady Grey. This is what happens when your children bring home half a carry-on bag of tea. Brandy Snaps with Lady Grey Cream - TeaTime Magazine

Cucumber Flower Canapés are a pretty take on the classic cucumber sandwich.

Possible fundraising idea Cucumber Flower Canapes with cucumber-flower how-to - Tea & Savories from TeaTime Magazine