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10 reasons to join the PTA


Here are some super successful Fundraising Ideas for your PTA (Parent/Teacher Association). Check em out:


This video comes straight from NSTA (National Science Teaching Association) and gives a fun lesson on how you can teach the phases of the moon. NSTA has their own YouTube channel where you can find tons of different activities and demonstrations that are great visuals for students while learning. It's a great resource for teachers to use if you're struggling with a topic in your classroom. It helps to look at the lesson from a different perspective.


The National Science Teachers Association is committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.


"This is governing organization that correlates 'computational thinking' (a computer science method of thinking) into the K-12 classrooms. I find this useful because skills that can be learned from decoding problems, situations is beneficial in virtually any education subject." -CSTA

National Science Teachers Association provides support to science teachers. I would promote the membership of science teachers to this association to increase student performance and professional growth.