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Ancient Greek Architecture STEM Challenge & Activities

Fabtastic ancient Greek architecture STEM challenge & activities! Perfect…

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Camp Behavior Clip Chart

This camp theme behavior clip chart will look wonderful in your classroom! Encourage your students to have "Camp Champ" behavior and climb to the top of the chart! Behavior clip charts are a great tool in the classroom, allowing students and teachers to keep track of students misbehavior or outstanding behavior.

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STEM Activity Challenge Bucket Towers

STEM Challenges: This amazing challenge uses one basic material- Straws! Add a few more items and see if your students can build a suspended bucket that will hold weight!

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4 Steps to Teach Students to Annotate Successfully!

Easy to implement tips for teaching your students how to annotate correctly. Perfect tips for your upper elementary, middle school, or high school classroom!

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Creating Essential Questions in Three Steps

Teachers, this is a great post that teaches you how to write your own essay question for your students! Perfect for middle school and high school english teachers!

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Motorized Coloring Machine Kids Can Make

You know what STEM is right? Science, technology, engineering and math. These are skills that kids really need to have a nice handle on- both boys and girls. We incorporate STEM into our homeschool…

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STEM Challenges for School and Home - Monthly

STEM Challenges for School and Home - Monthly!

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Camp Share-a-Story (and a FREE brag Tag!)

Camp Share-a-Story. Classroom Camp out (and a FREE brag Tag!) great ideas for an awesome class camp day.

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