Sun's out, surf's up and 'Teen Beach Movie' is out Friday on Disney Channel. Click through for a sneak peek of the movie with comments from the stars!

Disney's 'Teen Beach Movie' rides ratings wave

Teen beach movie stuff at Typhoon Lagoon

Actors from Disney Channel's 'Teen Beach Movie' kick off Typhoon Lagoon beach party (A Mom and The Magic)

Teens get trapped in 60s beach novie in Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie

Teenagers get trapped in a beach movie called Disney Channel's original movie, Teen Beach Movie.

Best time to shop for items throughout the year - -

Best time to shop for items throughout the year

Teen Beach Movie - Can't Stop Singing - Song

Check out the music video for 'Can't Stop Singing'. Watch Teen Beach Movie on Disney Chan.

mack in teen beach movie | Maia Mitchell | Disney Destination Talents

For our TBM party, we're thinking of making a cardboard version of the magic surfboard and hanging it up.