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Team Gale!! #Gale #Team_Gale #Hunger_Games >>don't like these but I had to pin!

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I'm not Team Gale but I'm not fond of blaming him for a mistake. He helped Katniss and her family, and he loved her very much.

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I don't prefer Gale over Peeta but I do think Gale doesn't get all the appreciation his character deserves. Don't agree with the Peeta not looking out part though

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I'm literally dying right now because that is my tumblr post. Like I wrote that. A few years ago. Hahahaha. Still true though.

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YES!!!! Also, I want a history of the hunger games. Like how the rebellion came to be!!!

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Team Gale | Hunger Games Hoodie

Hunger Games Hoodie | Geek Hoodie with Team Gale design. Adult and Unisex Sweatshirt sizes available. (pictured: black hoodie)

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Team Peeta or Team Gale?

Team Peeta or Team Gale? Thank you! There never was a love triangle! It's not team peeta or team gale! It's just Peeta! <-- yup. Back to the remedial part of the story.

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I think you've miss counted....gale appears to have an 8 pack. The Hunger Games Explorer

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