HOW THE OLYMPICS GOT OUTSOURCED OVERSEAS -George Osborne told the nation: Olympics would be “Made in Britain, created in Britain, designed in Britain, invented in Britain”. -Olympic Delivery Authority has made 6bn£ worth of Games contracts available to UK companies. -91% of the Olympic souvenirs weren’t manufactured in Britain. -Team GB’s Olympic gear was made in a sweatshop in Indonesia. -Olympic officials picked Dutch lager Heineken as the official beer of London 2012.

Not Made in Britain: How the Olympics got outsourced overseas

Olympics Opening Ceremony – The Fashionable Olympics ( UK)

The Fashion Olympics

STELLA MCCARTNEY unveiled her Adidas Team GB kit for the London 2012 Olympics this morning in a show at the Tower of London.

She looks so comfortable

Britains Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, leaves after watching a womens hockey bronze medal match between Britain and New Zealand at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London, Aug. Britain won the bronze medal.

GO TEAM GB! My daughter Sam wearing her Olympic gear #boden #fromlondonwithlove

GO TEAM GB! My daughter Sam wearing her Olympic gear #boden #fromlondonwithlove

Kate Middleton watches Olympic sailing looking stylish in her Team GB gear.

Kate Middleton Photos Photos: Kate Middleton at the Olympics

Kate watching the GB sailing team at the Olympics. I also look this awesome when I am sailing/watching.