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The administration of Warren G. Harding, the 29th US president, was one of the most corrupt ever. It included the infamous Teapot Dome bribery scandal. Harding was a newspaper publisher whom one admirer promoted for the nomination because 'he looked like a president.' Harding died of a heart attack in office in 1923. Rumors at the time claimed he had either killed himself or was poisoned by his wife.

Teapot Dome Scandal political cartoon


The Teapot Dome Scandal was in the 1920's because there was a secret leasing in the oil reserves by the secretary of interior.

Time line of Teapot Dome scandal prior to Oct. 1927

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The Teapot Dome, a strange house in Zillah (WA, USA). It was built in 1922 as a reminder of the Teapot Dome Scandal involving President Warren G. Harding and a federal petroleum reserve in Wyoming.


The Teapot Dome Scandal and the 1924 Election.