// // [Updated May 2014]Firstly, we have now started our own CAD block library so head over to our cad block pages to check it out. We will continue to build it, and if there is anything missing yo...

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brick bonds. (a) Flemish bond. (b) Flemish garden-wall bond. (c) Flemish stretcher-bond. (d) Monk bond. (e) English bond. (f) English garden-wall bond. (g) Header bond. (h) Dearne's bond. (i) English cross-bond or St Andrew's bond, with upper course of projecting bricks laid diagonally (cogging or dog-tooth) to support a cornice above. (j) Dutch bond. (k) Raking stretcher-bond or quarter-bond. (l) Rat-trap bond. (JJS) - See more at: http://www.arhitectis.com/brick.htm#sthash.pTr0o7hq.dpuf

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Steel Stud Parapet “Old Timer.”—Wood blocking and a cant anchored to the structural deck restrain membrane shrinkage at parapet. Notice the continuity of the control layers.

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