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Amazon’s connected speaker Echo Dot returns, is now only $50

Amazon’s connected speaker Echo Dot is back in stock and at a lower price point of $49.99. The Alexa-powered device offers many of the same features that you’ll find in its larger counterpart, the Amazon Echo, including access to Amazon’s voice-based assistant who you can ask to do things like play music, read the news, check the weather, turn on your lights, set timers, use apps, and more.


WHAT ARE THEY UP TO? Using a title stolen from God, the "holy father" held a meeting today with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It's rather odd why a person like Pope Francis, who claims to be technologically ignorant, has such a strong desire to meet with all the world's top technology people. What do you suppose he's assembling? Hmm...


ARK: Survival Evolved's new Scorched Earth expansion sounds rad: ARK: Survival Evolved continues to get regular updates, and this new…

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5 ways beacons are transforming the enterprise

Bluetooth beacons are proven technology. So why isnt anyone using them effectively? Sure companies are using them to track users and boost sales but are we seeing a return on that investment? Read More from TechCrunch via Follow on Facebook

I've been involved in mergers and acquisitions for decades and I used to run an acquisition cleanup team while at IBM. I've seen so many bad acquisitions that it is generally far easier to point out the good ones. What is somewhat ironic given my background is that the best largely have been executed by Dell using a process initially developed by IBM. One of the most painful mergers I was involved with was the one between HP and Compaq -- which I aggressively tried to kill fearing neither…

Cub Linux Is a Worthy Chromixium Offspring Cub Linux an improved rebranding of the innovative Chromixium Linux distro combines the look feel and functionality of Google's Chrome OS with traditional Linux performance. It provides a complete Chromebook experience on the hardware of your choice. The innovation is quite impressive. Cub Linux also runs software from the Ubuntu distro ecosystem. Linux is all about exercising options. Cub Linux is a solid example of the way Linux distros can…

Apple Puts Its User-Friendly Stamp on Fancy iPhone 7 Cameras Apple raised the ante for cameras in flagship phones with the announcement of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Others already have taken the dual-camera approach to smartphone photography -- notably HTC LG and Huawei. "While it's not the first dual camera mounted in a smartphone it's on par with the others in terms of basic functionality" said Gartner analyst Brian Blau. Apple has added its own powerful twist to the concept…

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Tech and Trump

Tech and Trump I wont insult your intelligence by pretending to be unbiased. I think exactly what youd expect a Canadian who lives in San Francisco to think: how could anyone with a reasonable command of the available evidence even consider voting for Donald Trump? But my search for an answer has led me to the uncomfortable sense that the tech industry is partly responsible for Read More from TechCrunch via Follow on Facebook latest news New Gadgets Tech Digi News Tech Guru Tech News Tech News Today Technology News Today

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Understanding debt

Understanding debt Without leverage the private equity sector as we know it wouldnt exist. While some tech execs and VCs recoil at the thought of using leverage the truth is that the Innovation Economy has accessed debt for more than 35 years. Given that debt is worth spending the time to understand. Read More from TechCrunch via Follow on Facebook latest news New Gadgets Tech Digi News Tech Guru Tech News Tech News Today Technology News Today


Gadget Ogling: Smart Desks New-Wave Gaming and Roaming Routers After a long laborious process and a lot of scraping paint splotches from the floor the office space in my new apartment is ready for me to move into and I will soon no longer need to write this column from my kitchen table. So I'm in the market for a desk. With my nascent interest in standing desks the Gaze Desk seems a decent option. It switches between standing and seated modes with a button press or adjustment through an…