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United States set to Hand Over Control of the Internet to ICANN Today

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BMW's motorcycle of the future doesn't require a helmet

BMW's motorcycle of the future doesn't need a helmet


Cisco has swung into action to combat a hacker group's exploitation of vulnerabilities in its firmware. The group known as the "Shadow Brokers" released online malware and other exploits it claimed to have stolen from the Equation Group which is believed to have ties to the United States National Security Agency. Cisco earlier this month disclosed the vulnerability "even though the patches are still under development" said Cisco spokesperson Yvonne Malmgren "because we learned that there may…

Udacity Fuels Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Dreams Online education company Udacity on Tuesday introduced a new "nanodegree" program in self-driving auto engineering. President Sebastian Thrun made the announcement. The goal is to build a crowdsourced open source self-driving car he said. Students will learn the skills and techniques used by self-driving car teams at the most innovative companies in the world Udacity has promised. The course spans three 12-week terms and covers deep…

After a bad experience when I was first behind the wheel as a teenager I'm only just now learning to drive more than a decade later. My partner and I are going through the school together and when asked about our dream vehicles in class she replied that she'd love a self-driving RV. Her wish eventually might turn true with a device that grants vehicles more autonomy. It isn't a device that will give a car full self-driving powers -- you'd need to add sensors everywhere for starters -- nor…


Social media has sharpened humans' age-old appetite for public shaming providing a stage and unlimited seating for a seemingly unending stream of immorality plays. Those who share even the simplest identifying details about themselves are vulnerable to being pushed into the glare of the spotlight. The anonymity the Internet provides frees many individuals of the consequences they might face offline for being abusive to other people allowing Jekyll-and-Hyde netizens to transform into trolls…

Research at Google on Tuesday launched Google Neural Machine Translation system now in production with Chinese to English -- "a notoriously difficult language pair" according to Quoc V. Le and Mike Schuster research scientists on the Google Brain Team. GNMT already is powering the Google Translate mobile and Web apps for 18 million or so Chinese to English translations daily. Google will roll out GNMT to the rest of the 10000 language translation pairs its Google Translate service supports…

Lenovo which owns Motorola last week released the kernel source code for the Moto Z Droid smartphone on Github. The move follows the company's posting of the Moto Z Droid Moto Mods Development Kit and Moto Mods on Github this summer. This is the first kernel source code made available for the Moto Z family of devices. Releasing the kernel source code seems to be another step in Lenovo's attempt to get devs to build an iPhone-like ecosystem around the Moto Z family. The Z family is modular.