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You Need To Hear This Crazy Conspiracy Theory That Ted Cruz Is Actually The Zodiac Killer

why the actual fr*ck does buzzfeed have to take everything i love and turn it into mom memes

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Climate Scientists Grade the Candidates, and Ted Cruz Flunks

When asked why climate change existed republican Ted Cruz said it was so the trees knew when to let their leaves fall off.

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Schizophrenic Senator Ted Cruz ~ Well, that explains so much. Hey dumb ass, that's not God speaking in your ear - that's the Koch brothers !!!

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Hahahahahahaha! Now the horrible part is - I could imagine this scenario without a problem.

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Funniest Ted Cruz Memes

A roundup of humorous memes and captioned photos poking fun at Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.: Most Punchable Face

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Every single time. The ONE TRUE PATRIOT running for the hard job of being the president after the worst usurper to occupy the WH. GO TED !

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"I'd like to say that Donald Trump is the most outrageous and unqualified person ever to run for President, but really, that's unfair to Ted Cruz." lol Absolutely right on, Governor O'Malley! But that's a really nasty photo. ih

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PP: W.T.F. - It's things like this that make me hate the GOP with the fire of a thousands burning suns...

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